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A cheese toastie with the added goodness of a fresh Nulaid egg! You can double or treble the quantities as required. This is perfect for toddlers of all ages …

Cheesy French Fingers
Kids love this!


  • 1 Nulaid egg *
  • 30 ml milk
  • 2 slices bread
  • sliced cheese
  • sunflower or olive oil
  • maple syrup (optional)

Chef's hint: For family fillings, use any combination of shredded chicken, grilled bacon, ham, tomato and gherkin and cook as directed. Children love sharing what they perceive to be the same with their family!


Beat the Nulaid egg with the milk and pour into a shallow dish.

Sandwich the slices of bread together with the cheese inside. You can trim the crust or not, depending on your habit. Now, briefly soak both sides of the sandwich in the egg mixture.

Heat a non-stick pan and brush with a little oil. Cook both sides of the sandwich until golden, crisp and the cheese starts to melt, pressing it gently down with a spatula. When cooked to your liking, cut into fingers and serve with the syrup, if using.

Serves 1

* Nulaid eggs are farm fresh and grain fed and gives you a choice of free-range or canola eggs their yolks being bright orange from those heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids.